Vendor Rules

Who Can Sell at the Wethersfield Farmers’ Market?

  • We are an open market. Anyone who carries appropriate government issued licenses and insurance for their business and who is registered with the State of Connecticut as a registered business may apply to become a Vendor.
  • Any product that is homemade, handmade, homegrown or gathered from nature in the State of Connecticut.
  • NOT PERMITTED: flea market items, crafts made from kits, wholesalers, jobbers, re-packaged foods, and food items that are not correctly labeled CAN NOT be sold at our market.

The Market Coordinators reserve the right to prohibit sale of items they deem improperly prepared or incompatible with the mission of the Wethersfield Farmers’ Market

Insurance/Proper Labeling/Compliance with State Regulations

  • ONLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMERS MAY LABEL THEIR ITEMS ORGANIC. This is an important issue that jeopardizes our status as a Certified Farmers’ Market. You MUST be CERTIFIED in order to use the word organic in your tent. You may use similar phrases such as- pesticide free, non-GMO seeds/plants, etc. But “organic” means that you have been certified by the state and you are paying the appropriate fees and adhering to the specific guidelines.
  • Vendors MUST have their own liability insurance on their products and submit a certificate of insurance naming the WFM as an additional insured.
  • All products must be properly labeled according to the USDA and/or State of CT regulations..
  • All vendors should be properly registered as a business in the State of Connecticut.
  • All vendors must provide the Market Directors with a copy of any and all State and Federal licenses applicable to the vendor’s business.

Application Process

  • Vendors are urged to apply in advance so that spaces can be reserved. Seniority is given to returning vendors, then the process is first come, first serve.
  • All applications are reviewed and approved by the Farmers’ Market Committee. Please apply to join the Market with at least 3 weeks notice to your first requested date of participation.
  • Upon approval, all vendor fees must be paid in full at least one week prior to your first date of participation. The WFM DOES NOT accept payment on the Market day you are scheduled to appear.
  • If a vendor commits to the full season, the Market committee will assign a regular space for you. Non-regular vendors cannot be guaranteed the same space each time.
  • Each assigned space size is approximately 10’x10’; vendors’ fees cover this standard space. If a vendor needs a larger space then he/she will be charged an extra fee..
  • The vendor fees help support a variety of marketing campaigns, and the venue rental. The Wethersfield Farmers’ Market is a non-profit organization.

Vendor Fees

  • Full Season- $375-$425: 20 weeks
  • Half Season- $225-$300: 10 weeks
  • Guest Vendor – $100 for 3 dates. Additional dates can be pro-rated
  • Additional Fees- Any food vendor must comply with the CCHD, our local health department, and file and pay any applicable fees (specialty food vendors only) before the first Market day.

Market Day Obligations

  • Set Up Time: Market hours are from 3:00pm-6:00pm every Thursday. Vendors will be allowed to set up starting at 2:00 PM and must be ready for business by 3PM. Any vendors that arrive after 2:45PM without a head’s up phone call, email or text may not be assigned to their usual spot or may not have a spot available to them. Please be on time.
  • NO DRIVING OVER THE HISTORIC BLUESTONE SIDEWALK. This walkway runs along State St. There is no driving on the lawn area of the market either as this is Town property and part of a Town park. The market is Rain or Shine and it is expected that all vendors show up and stay no matter the weather conditions. If it’s raining, and you choose not to come, you forfeit your market fee. The Market Directors reserve the right to cancel a Market day due to severe or dangerous weather conditions however. Notification will be made via email by Noon on the Market day.
  • Cancellation: Vendors are expected to notify the Market Directors in advance if they cannot make it to the Market. No call and no shows forfeit their market fee.
  • All vendors are required to set-up a tent.
  • Clean Up: Vendors are responsible for the cleanliness of their stall during Market and at the end of each Market day. Dumping produce in the trash cans is forbidden (see COMPOSTING below). Each vendor must take away everything they brought to Market.
  • Trash cans will be available as will a recycling container
  • COMPOSTING: The WFM contracts with Blue Earth compost so waste products do not end up in the landfill. Food and vegetable matter along with pizza boxes and cardboard food containers can be deposited in the special composting bins.

Vendors are required to stay until the market closes at 6PM unless you get prior approval from the Market Directors before the start of the Market. Do NOT begin to pack up until 6PM sharp. We have many customers who race to the market after work and we cannot deny them their minutes!