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COVID-19 Protection

2020 has been such a rollercoaster! We hope you and your family are safe and well during this time. The WFM has always been a shared community space where families and neighbors come to gather and spend their Thursday afternoons browsing the local goods and hanging with friends.

This year, we have to operate a little differently with Covid-19 still in our reality. Please help us protect each other.

For safety and social distancing we are considering the following: 

Late opening of the season, June 11 if weather cooperates.

1. Tents will be spread 10 feet apart.

2. We will ask all vendors and customers to wear masks while at the market. All vendors will also be required to wear gloves.

3. Initiating a one-way traffic flow to maintain social distancing

4. We will not be offering Market Bucks this year as its impossible to sanitize them.

5. Which means we’ve asked each vendor develop the capability to take debit and credit cards, offer venmo or paypal options.

6. We hope to continue accepting SNAP/EBT

7. We will be offering hand washing stations around the market

8. We welcome you to your usual outdoor picnic or family social gathering but please maintain social distancing  

9. No special kids events will be scheduled this year.

10. Live music may be on hold due to initial guidelines by the town, but we’re working on it.

11. The Solomon Welles House will be closed for public use. A porta potty will be available for use and cleaned before, during, and after the market. Sanitizer wipes will be available for use here as well.

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